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During the past two years, Northarvest Bean Growers Association members and staff went on trade missions.
While we frequently miss out on the gradual warming and awakening of nature, those of us who live on farms can be assured that we still will have the season of mud and water.
Amber Estenson, That Midwestern Mom, will promote beans for Northarvest Bean Growers Association via TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.
Similar to major crops, the number of acres of specialty crops, such as sunflowers, that farmers will plant may change depending on weather conditions during the next several weeks.
The 2023 camps, which each can accommodate 16 youth, are being held in the west, east and central part of the state. They build on the regional camps that in 2022 were held in Fargo and Washburn.
Nearly 4,000 students were expected to participate in the Living Ag Classroom held in four North Dakota cities in 2023.
The aim of the new regulations that take effect June 11, 2023, is to have more veterinarian oversight, which is expected to result in more prudent use.
Just how late planting will be depends on how quickly the snow melts, whether more falls in the next couple of weeks and if spring rain exacerbates the wet conditions.
The 2023 U.S. Agriculture Department planting intentions survey gives a glimpse into what farmers were planning to put in their fields if weather hadn't become a deciding factor.
Within two months, my husband, Brian, and I, will be kneeling in the garden soil, dropping seeds in furrows.